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Some people only experience a slight sense of dread and uneasiness, whereas others may experience a full-blown anxiety attack. A few sufferers have reported sensations of terror, losing control of themselves and even doom when they have been near. or have even smelled, flowers.

Fear is a subconscious way for an individual to protect themselves and it is believed that sufferers may have experienced something emotionally traumatizing that involved flowers before they became Anthophobic. While children who are stung by bees when smelling flowers in a garden may exhibit Anthophobic tendencies until they understand what happened, it can become a lifelong fear; for funerals could be a trigger, as could an allergy to pollen. However, there are some instances that simply cannot be explained, as some people do end up developing a fear and cannot remember why they they are afraid- just that they are.

Anthophobia is not a condition that can be treated through medication; as it is a phobia. However, some sufferers have reported that anti-anxiety medications can help them stave off and lessen the effects of panic attacks. It is important to note that medication can only lessen the severity of the symptoms and cannot actually cure the condition itself. While treatments vary greatly from person to person, it is possible to utilize a therapist’s help to control the condition, even if they cannot cure it.